March 16, 2023

Sydney CBD Creative Heritage Spaces in High Demand

Heritage buildings are structures that possess significant cultural, architectural, or historical value. These buildings are an essential part of a city’s heritage and serve as a reflection of the community’s identity and character. In recent years, many creative studios and agencies have started to recognise the benefits of working in heritage buildings and how these spaces can cultivate fresh ideas and creative liberty in their tenants.

It is no secret that the working from home phenomenon has surpassed fad status and is now engrained into the Australian way of work. Further upheavals are on the horizon, with four day work week trials, the increase in remote/offshored work and economic factors resulting in rapid business expansion and detraction all have an impact on office space markets.

There is certainly no lack of stock within the Sydney CBD market – however securing the right space, in addition to traditional size, rental rate, terms and incentive considerations – now both poses and attempts to solve in part a key business challenge of 2023. With a record low unemployment rate, businesses are struggling to attract and retain staff – furthermore once secured, businesses need to encourage their employees to come into work as opposed to working remotely.

While there are multiple, interlinked factors, a flight to quality has already occurred prior to this trend emerging. In addition to this upswell in discerning demographics looking exclusively for quality suites, the need for a point of difference in office premises has become more and more relevant, with a particular focus on heritage listed, or heritage inspired, character buildings. Perfect for the growing, less traditional industries who do not need enormous footprints or multiple boardrooms, these spaces, often updated with a modern flair, are versatile in an increasingly tech-focused world, presentable to clients, and are great spaces to work in.

Heritage buildings offer a unique atmosphere that cannot be replicated in modern buildings. They possess a sense of character and history that can inspire creativity and imagination. The intricate details and craftsmanship in these buildings can spark inspiration in artists, designers, and writers. They also provide a sense of nostalgia and connection to the past, which can influence the creative process positively.

Features such as high ceilings, large windows, and open floor plans, are conducive to creative work and are often key features of heritage listed properties. These features provide ample natural light and space, allowing artists to work comfortably and efficiently like this current listing at 10-14 Hunter Street, SYDNEY. The tall ceilings, heritage bay windows, polished timber floors and character façade provides an opportunity for a creative agency to fill the space with a fit out perfect for their needs.

Level 5/10-14 Hunter Street, SYDNEY.
Level 6/10-14 Hunter Street, SYDNEY.

With the increase in social media popularity and new careers in this realm, there is a growing demand for filmed videos in the form of reels and TikTok’s, user generated content and aesthetic campaign imagery. Spaces in Sydney that allow for creatives to display, film and shoot content in a range of different settings adds value to their work without having to go on location shoots. Another benefit to working from an office space rather that in a home environment. For example, Level 3/230 Clarence Street, SYDNEY offers an open plan, an array of different textured walls with exposed brickwork and a stunning break out area, this unique workspace presents well as it is with limited to no fit-out changes required.

Level 3/230 Clarence Street, SYDNEY.

Sydney’s Heritage buildings are protected by laws and regulations that ensure their preservation which means that creative studios can be assured of the longevity of their workspace and investment. The preservation of these buildings also contributes to the preservation of Sydney’s cultural heritage and history. So, if you secure yourself a space like Level 3/228 Pitt Street, SYDNEY with a boardroom, 2 meeting rooms, 3 offices, workstations and a full collaboration area, you will absolutely want to stay.

Level 3/228 Pitt Street, SYDNEY.

The unique architectural features of these buildings also provide a distinctive aesthetic that can add value to the work produced by creative studios. The arched windows and wide-open plan at Level 3/181 Pitt Street, SYDNEY allows for a unique outlook and greater collaboration within the workspace. By working in a heritage building, creative studios can enhance their reputation and image as they are often considered prestigious and high end. This can lead to increased opportunities for client partnerships and exposure.

Level 3/181 Pitt Street, SYDNEY.

Heritage buildings are the ultimate location for businesses in the creative industry particularly as Sydney is fortunate to have so many in the heart of the CBD. These buildings offer a conducive environment for modern day creatives because of their unique atmosphere, desirable location, architectural features, longevity, and prestige. It is hard to imagine wanting to work remotely when your commercial office space could be in one of these spectacular buildings.

If you’re looking for a creative studio space in the Sydney CBD that aligns with your creative work, reach out to the team at TGC Property Group via phoning 1300 458 800 or emailing for a look at some of their most recent prestigious heritage listings.

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