November 22, 2022

Tips For Photographing Your Commercial Property When Selling or Leasing

It can be a tedious task getting your property ready for the market. However, it’s crucial to remember that most people will view your property through the images you post in listings rather than in-person. This is their first point of call and, therefore, a crucial step to get right.

It’s critical to highlight your property’s best features on camera if you want to set it properly apart from the competitors. Hiring an expert photographer to make your property look like a star is one of the greatest ways to accomplish this. It is important to set your property up for success, check out the following few simple things you can do to get your property ready.

Get a professional

This is the integral part of putting your property’s best foot forward. High a commercial photographer who has had experience specifically in the commercial space. They will understand how to get the most out of the space, what angles work and what the commercial target audience is looking for. Think of hiring a photographer as an investment and an essential one for your commercial property. It may seem simple just to grab your Iphone and snap a few quick pictures to upload but hiring a skilled commercial property photographer will provide you access to a wide range of lens and shot alternatives and someone with a trained eye for capturing your property’s best features.


Even the best camera won’t sell your property if the space isn’t set up to present well. Before a photoshoot, take steps to ask staff to remove their personal belonging, remove rubbish and generally clear anything out that you can. Make sure there are no unsightly cords are obvious, no documents are piled up on desks, clear out any personal information about your business, or anything you wouldn’t want the public to see, as these images will be online.

Highlight special features

Your photographer will be able to help with this, and even your agent will have a good idea as to which feature should be emphasised. For example, you might want a feature photo showcasing your open floor plan or any other contemporary or distinctive characteristics. Possibly you want to highlight the industrial ceiling or the sizable windows; just make sure they are immaculate. Presenting these unique qualities in the ideal light may aid in closing the deal with prospective tenants or buyers.

Inform current renters or employees

Decide whether you want the space free of people or if you want some people in the office to breathe some life into the property. A cluster of people here and there can sometimes add vibrancy to your property photos. Still, you want to avoid featuring too many faces and ensuring anyone in the shot looks natural and neutral within the space. And please don’t forget to ask for their permission before photographing them 😊

Determine the best time of day

Usually the most important feature is the street view of the property. Take note of the direction of the sun. Most properties will look best when the sun is low and shining on the building. Determine the best time of day for this. If the building is facing north, it will never get direct sunlight, so plan to shoot at a time when the sun is not behind the building, shining into the camera. Sometimes the best solution for this is an overcast day or a dusk photo.

Emphasize Location

Ask your photography to include some lifestyle shots of cafes, facilities and transport around the property. It is important to create a holistic picture of the property and what respective tenants and buyers will get out of the location. How close is it to transport? What cafes and bars surround? Are their beautiful parks where staff may enjoy walks or exercise at lunchtime. These are essential features that should be showcased.

Getting the best images

As experts in the commercial real estate game, at TGC Property Group we recommend hiring a professional photographer to get the best shots of your property when selling or leasing. Ruth Gold ( who our agents preferred to work with says “The competition in this industry is very high and if you are looking to lease your commercial property in Sydney, it is crucial that you put your best foot forward as you prepare to put it up on the market.” Please get in touch if you are looking to sell or lease your commercial property by calling 1300 458 800 or emailing

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