Case Study

255 Castlereagh Street, Sydney


Tetra-L Corporation Pty Ltd

Asset Type





How We Sourced The Client

TGC have managed 255 Castlereagh Street since the late 1990’s, and was originally referred by another very satisfied client.

Why We Got The Business

TGC believes in the power of conversations and building strong rapport with every single client. This asset coming under TGC’s management was a key part of this ethos with a proven track record of servicing the client and most importantly longevity of service. Our exclusive leasing agent, Adam Hennessy has been servicing the building since 2007.

Our Bespoke Marketing Strategy

Adam’s intricate knowledge of the property, its ins and outs and extensive history has augmented our existing campaigns across leasing. Having an established office on the same street for over a decade has also deepened understanding of the local area and the target tenants for the area.

How We Achieved The Result

Adam’s personal involvement with the building has equipped him with a keen understanding of the premises; his marketing focuses on proximity to courts, split floors, large windows and outlooks. Knowing the previous 16 years of tenants, who they are, what sector they are in and who is most likely to convert allows Adam to target strategic sectors of the commercial community to achieve the best results for long term tenancies.

What Made This Lease Unique

Situated on a corner, this building has a diverse mix of occupants. An interesting component is a large bar (Bar Macau), recently refurbished on the lower floor. Traditionally these are both drawcards and attractions from the building and careful discussion around open times, noise levels and such ensures for a smooth leasing conclusion and long term tenures. National Australia Bank subletted the premises to Bar Macau with TGC brokering the transaction, with Bar Macau signing up for longer than the original lease term; all fit out works were then managed by TGC in order to give Tetra-L as much security as possible with tenant WALE.